Crazy Lawsuits #2

Wet Seal Wants ‘Armani Look’, Gets Hit With Discrimination Suit

The Wet Seal lawsuit also has national implications. But it began with a local store in King of Prussia. In this lawsuit, the store manager is claiming that she was let go because she didn’t fit the store’s “Armani Code.” In short, she wasn’t skinny and Nordic-looking. This standard was allegedly openly embraced by store management, who said that in order to be successful, the retailer had to hire people who had the “Armani look.”

Working at a retail store may not be too excited or maybe for others, it can be. Unfortunately, for Nicole Codgell, 41-years-old claimed she came across a racial discrimination at the Wet Seal located in King of Prussia. She was dismissed from her job when the vice president of Wet Seal complained that “there were too many African American working in the store” sent in an email (how not professional). Therefore, with the lawsuits coming in, guess what? the vice president is no longer in the company and now Wet Seal has released a statement announcing that there will be changes to its “equal opportunity policies.”


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