Crazy Lawsuits #4

Barnes & Noble is the latest retailer to face transgender discrimination lawsuit

Victoria Ramirez also was known as Tyson, worked at Barnes & Noble bookstore 2007-2013 sued them for discrimination and harassment. She began taking female hormones to begin her gender transition. She started to dress as a woman outside of work but maintained being a male at work. At times, she wore makeup, painting her nails and letting her hair grow out.

Her manager complained that Ramirez’s appearance was upsetting the customers and that hse had to emphasize that she is working in a “neighborhood store” and that she should “think of the children.”

In 2013, she announced she was transitioning into a woman, but her manager fails to support and stated she will lose respect for her position as a manager and as a leader. She is restricted to use the women’s restroom and discuss her transition to co-workers. Ramirez called in sick one day which was the day her manager fired her through a phone call. “Barnes & Noble human resources representative told Ramirez that the company’s transition plan had been wrong. Furthermore, the representative offered to pass along the message that Ramirez wanted to return to work. But another HR representative eventually rejected Ramirez’s request for a job at a different Barnes & Noble location because—based on the assessment of Ramirez’s manager—Ramirez was an unfit employee and incapable of performing her duties, the complaint said.”

A spokeswoman for Barnes & Noble Mary Ellen Keatin stated: “we are very proud to employ a large number of transgender individuals, whom, like all employees are treated with dignity and respect.”


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