Crazy Lawsuit #6

Driving Uber Crazy: Worker Class Action Lawsuits Ramp Up

Uber Technologies started in 2009, being in the national spotlight to develop “ridesharing” mobile application. Uber now, is a defendant in more 200 ongoing lawsuits, about 100 of which are being heard in California state and federal courts.

“In June 2015, the California Labor Commissioner determined that Uber drivers were indeed employees – who were entitled to certain state law protections such as the payment of overtime – because Uber is “involved in every aspect of the operation.” This news led to a flood of claims and litigation across various states, including an Order in September 2015 from Judge Chen of the Northern District for the District of California granting in part and denying in part a group of Uber drivers’ Motion for Class Certification. Uber class-actions continued to dominate headlines as Judge Chen determined in the separate matter of Yucesoy v. Uber Tehnologies, Inc. et al., Case No. 15-cv-00262-EMC that a group of Massachusetts drivers may proceed with claims under Massachusetts law relating to tips and tortious interference with advantageous relations. Meanwhile, Judge Chen’s docket might be growing after a separate group of plaintiffs sought class certification.”

Kitze, Daniel V. 2016. web.


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