McDonald’s Coffee Case

I always thought McDonald’s coffee was just too plain, and after watching the movie “The Founder” which I totally recommend, totally changed my view for McDonald’s. A lot of lawsuits are being directed to McDonald’s and this is one of them.


After ordering a McDonald’s coffee, Stella, a 79 year old lady spilled her “super-heated” coffee on her lap while drinking in her car. SAY WHAT!? Talk about being cautious. The lady suffered third-degree burns and stayed in the hospital for eight days. OUCH!

The case was brought as Leibeck vs McDonald’s Restaurants in 1994. The result for this case, the jury awarded her 2.8 million dollars, but the judge went down to $640,000.

The facts being brought into this case:

  1. Mcdonald’s coffee is served between 180 and 190 degrees F. More than 700 people who were burned by McDonald’s coffee made claims against the company, yet Mcdonald’s never lowered their temperature.
  2. Stella’s car did not have cup holders which indicates her to put the cup between her knees.
  3. The times Stella was in the hospital recovering and aside recovering at home, her daughter had to fly over to her mom to take care of her and asked McDonald’s to “cover her out-of-pocket-expenses” that resulted $2,000. McDonald’s only offered $800.

After 700 lawsuits against McDonald’s COFFEE case, they still have not learned their lesson, keeping its coffee at 180 degrees F.


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