Crazy Lawsuit #8

FedEx Freight to Pay $115,000 to Settle EEOC Sex Discrimination Lawsuit




FedEx hired an unqualified man over three qualified women for the position of Human Resource. The man did not have a bachelor’s degree nor experience that was required for the position. In the job posting, it stated that applicants must have a bachelor’s degree with two years experience, yet the three females had at least two-year experience in human resource. The case came out to be EEOC v. FedEx Freight which resulted in that Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charged a lawsuit that FedEx passed over three qualified females and instead hired a man who was unqualified for the position.

From the web link below, it states “FedEx Freight will pay $115,000 to the former female employees to resolve this EEOC case.  Under the consent  decree settling the suit, FedEx Freight also must (1) provide anti-discrimination  training for managers, human resource personnel and employees who work at the  Phoenix service center and employees who are responsible for hiring there; (2) review,  and revise if necessary, its policies to ensure they prohibit sex  discrimination and ensure a strong and clear commitment to a workplace free of such  bias; (3) refrain from engaging in any future sex discrimination; (4) provide  letters of regret to the three women; and (5) post a notice that sex discrimination  – or retaliation for complaining about it – is unlawful.”


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