Crazy Lawsuit #9

Fired for sharing porn – but they won in court

I mean really? porn? Yet these four employees won the case.

From HRmorning “Four employees who were fired for sharing pornography over company email have been awarded nearly $1 million in an age bias ruling.

Dennis Janes and three veteran workers admitted to emailing “explicit and hardcore” pornographic videos and photos to each other. Janes said it was “all guy humor,” but the company didn’t agree — and fired the four workers.

Then they sued for age bias — and won.

How? The men’s lawyer claimed that dozens of employees were emailing porn to each other, but Janes and his three older colleagues were the only ones fired for it.

The lawyer also questioned the company’s progressive discipline policy, saying it hadn’t been applied equally, and pointed to Janes’ 11 knee operations and two knee replacements that may have contributed to the company wanting to cut ties with the 37-year veteran.”

A little breakdown of what age bias is negative discrimination against older people in their mid years. 620-age-discrimination-infographic.png


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